Meeting of the Governor of the Bank of Albania, Mr. Ardian Fullani with representatives of exporting companies and Albanian Association of Banks

Publication date: 23.02.2009


In the framework of conducting an ongoing partnership dialogue between the banking community and the business one, on February 23, 2009, the Governor of the Bank of Albania, Mr. Ardian Fullani, held a meeting with exporting companies and Albanian Association of Banks at the Bank of Albania premises.

Governor Fullani discussed the recent developments of the world economy and the Albanian one. Macroeconomic performance in the recent years and the overall trends reflected in the standard of living indicators, show that the Albanian economy succeeded in completing the transition stage and entering the group of the developing countries. However, the Albanian economy is currently influenced by second round effects, which have affected the advanced economies of the world.

2009_02_23 guvernatori fullani, me përfaqësuesit e kompanive eksportuese dhe shoqatës shqiptare të bankave

Governor Fullani has requested from representatives of the Albanian Banking Association more support for the exporting industry, which has rendered a significant contribution to the sustainable economic growth of the country. '...Assess more prudentially the role and potentials of this industry, stand by it with advice and financial consultancy, review your policies on commissions applied to it and give priority to a larger funding to it', - stated the Governor.

The Governor of the Bank of Albania also highlighted the indispensability of exchanging information between the Bank of Albania and the businesses themselves. To this end, he appeals to the business community for cooperation with the Bank of Albania, in order to provide valuable information about their economic activity and future prospects. The analyses and studies compiled on the basis of this information, such as business surveys, are valuable not only for the monetary policy decision-making process of the Bank of Albania, but also for helping businesses make their own plans.

The Albanian Association of Banks, on behalf of the banking system, expressed its predisposition to create necessary possibilities, for a larger support to this strategic sector.


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