Governor Sejko: Commencement address at the graduation ceremony of the students of economics, University of Tirana

Publication date: 07.11.2018


Honourable Prof. Kule,

Distinguished members of the faculty,

Dear family and friends,

Most importantly dear students,

It is a privilege for me to be present today in this youthful and meaningful graduation ceremony. Today, you, your families and your professors at the Faculty of Economics have earned the right to proud for this milestone achievement. I take this opportunity to extend my most sincere congratulations to all of you for the successful completion of your university studies. 

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This moment marks an important transition in your life. You leave the university auditoriums to enter another reality, far different from the one you have experienced till now. From tomorrow, you will face a new dimension of the human reality, a rather dynamic and complex one. As you embark on a new journey, remember that life has many stations. Every time you reach one of them, the next one might be even more challenging. It is part of the journey. 

Remember, building a successful career takes time, hard work and perseverance. My advice is to make the first steps with the energy and enthusiasm that characterise your age.  Be courageously free of any complexity and non-based hesitation! Pass through your positive energy whenever you are: in family, work, friends and daily relations with your colleagues. Show consistent and cultured behaviour, as well as respect for the law, codes and traditions! Embrace innovation and fight to make a reality any dream that inspires human love, prosperity, integrity and understanding. Be loyal and collaborative, and never ever give up on learning and education, for whatsoever reason. 

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Nowadays, the society is facing many social, cultural, scientific, technological, demographic and geographical changes. The ability to adapt continuously and anticipate these developments is not simply a challenge of today. It shows the need to be constantly in touch with knowledge, new scientific novelties, innovation, and various theoretical trends and their application. Therefore, I strongly encourage you to never break up with knowledge and education. 

Be assured that, wherever you may be, in Albania or abroad, education will always pay you back the energy and time you have spent. Personally, I consider it as an important pillar, which helps over time to shape a reputable, respected and broadly accepted figure by the public opinion. 


Dear students,

Today is the day to celebrate for this achievement. Today is the day to feel proud. Your dream to successfully complete your studies has come true.  Now, many opportunities and alternatives await you.  Be courageous and wise to make your choice.  Wherever you are, whether in the public or the private sector, in Albania or abroad, I urge you to show integrity, optimism and determination. 

I have only one piece of advice to everyone:

Never give up! Live your life with courage and self-confidence! Time rewards those who dream big and dare to see beyond tomorrow.  This is the right way to build a better society, capable to generate prosperity for the future generations.   Renounce the ambitions for a fast track to an undeserved career.  It is a path that leads to a dead end. Life is a journey of many unknown things and I assure you that in the long run, those that stand out for their professional ability, devotion and respect of human values, shine bright on the life’s journey.

Concluding, I wish you once again every success and all the best in future endeavours.