Museum Nights: Dr. Dorian Koçi, Director of the National Historical Museum, will deliver a lecture on “Ali Pasha Tepelena’s financial relations”, at the Museum of the Bank of Albania, 17 April, 18:00

Publication date: 06.04.2018


Ali Pasha Tepelena is one of the most charismatic personalities of his era, not only because he ruled in the region for 30 years but also because he became a mover and shaker of many pan-European developments. A lesser studied aspect of his rule is the financial relations of the Pashallik of Ioannina with the Ottoman Empire, Republic of Venice, France, England and Russia. The lecture will address issues such as the revenue sources and financial system of the Ottoman Empire, the revenue sources of the Pashallik of Ioannina, taxes and tolls and the legal regime of land as a source of revenues. The study of the financial relations of the Pashallik of Ioannina also sheds light on the historical context of his era as a transition period in our recent history that had a significant geopolitical impact afterwards in the newly formed Greek state and in the Albanian territories.