Main data for Gross External Debt

Period: Quarterly
Description: Gross External Debt Position
Institute: Bank of Albania
Methodology: The table represents the main items of gross external debt, according to sectors, maturity and instruments. The items are in millions of euros and in quarterly basis. The table is compiled according to BPM6.The publication of September 10, 2018, represents revised data for the year 2017, as a result of: reconciliation with IIP and external debt data.

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A Gross External Debt Position
    1 General Government
       1.1 Short-term
          1.1.1 Currency and deposits
          1.1.2 Debt securities
          1.1.3 Loans
          1.1.4 Trade credit and advances
          1.1.5 Other debt liabilities
       1.2 Long-term
          1.2.1 Special drawing rights (SDRs), Allocation
          1.2.2 Currency and deposits
          1.2.3 Debt securities
          1.2.4 Loans
          1.2.5 Trade credit and advances
          1.2.6 Other debt liabilities
    2 Central Bank
       2.1 Short-term
          2.1.1 Currency and deposits
          2.1.2 Debt securities
          2.1.3 Loans
          2.1.4 Trade credit and advances
          2.1.5 Other debt liabilities
       2.2 Long-term
          2.2.1 Special drawing rights (SDRs), Allocation
          2.2.2 Currency and deposits
          2.2.3 Debt securities
          2.2.4 Loans
          2.2.5 Trade credit and advances
          2.2.6 Other debt liabilities
    3 Deposit-Taking Corporations, except the Central Bank
       3.1 Short-term
          3.1.1 Currency and deposits
          3.1.2 Debt securities
          3.1.3 Loans
          3.1.4 Trade credit and advances
          3.1.5 Other debt liabilities
       3.2 Long-term
          3.2.1 Currency and deposits
          3.2.2 Debt securities
          3.2.3 Loans
          3.2.4 Trade credit and advances
          3.2.5 Other debt liabilities
    4 Other Sectors
       4.1 Short-term
          4.1.1 Currency and deposits
          4.1.2 Debt securities
          4.1.3 Loans
          4.1.4 Trade credit and advances
          4.1.5 Other debt liabilities
       4.2 Long-term
          4.2.1 Currency and deposits
          4.2.2 Debt securities
          4.2.3 Loans
          4.2.4 Trade credit and advances
          4.2.5 Other debt liabilities
    5 Direct Investment: Intercompany Lending
       5.1 Debt liabilities of direct investment enterprises to direct investors
       5.2 Debt liabilities of direct investors to direct investment enterprises
       5.3 Debt liabilities to fellow enterprises

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