Current Banknotes 1000 Lekė Note, 1996 issue 
.1000 leke mbrapa.     .1000 leke para.

Size: 151 mm x 72 mm
Dominant colour: green
First in circulation on: 11.07.1997

The 1000 Lekė Note, issue of 1996 was printed by "De La Rue" Company and put in circulation on 11 July 1997.
It was reprinted by "Oberthure" banknote printing company in 2001 with improved security features and was put in circulation on 8 April 2002.

Obverse: Portrait of Pjetėr Bogdani (1625-1689), a writer, clergyman and distinguished figure of old Albanian literature, taken from the frontispiece of his work "Ēeta e profetėve" (Cuneus prophetarum), and a symbol of the sun used in this work.

Reverse: A scheme of Pjetėr Bogdani's idea on the solar eclipse from "Ēeta e profetėnve in the centre; View of the catholic church of Vau i Dejės on the right.

On 14 November 2008, the Bank of Albania put in circulation a 1000 Lekė note of legal tender, issue of 2007. It retains the same design and dimension as the 1000 Lekė note, issue of 2001. Security and damage-resistant elements are added or improved. Signatures of the Governor and the Director of Issue Department are updated.

Older 1000 Lekė notes shall continue to be legal tender and shall continue to be in circulation along with the new note, issue of 2007. 

New 1000 Lekė Note security features (in Albanian)


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