Current Banknotes 2000 Lekė Note
.2000 leke para.     .2000 leke mbrapa.

Size: 160 mm x 72 mm
Dominnat colour: purple
First in circulation on: 29.12.2008

The 2000 Lekė note, issue of 2007, was printed by “De la Rue” and first put in circulation on 29 December 2008.

The note is manufactured from high quality cotton fibre security paper.

Obverse: Portrait of King Gent of Illyria (181-168 BC). He is known as a statesman, a warrior, and a scientist in medicine. Also, he enriched the treasury and had bronze coins minted with his name.

Reverse: Elements of antiquity architecture found in Albania; Gentiana lutea - a medicinal herb, whose healing properties were discovered by King Gent; stylized detail of a Liburnian ship.

The 2000 Lekė note introduces several advanced security features  (in Albanian).





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