Albanian Interbank Payment System - AIPS


The Albanian Interbank Payment System  is a Real-Time Gross Settlement system. AIPS processes all interbank large-value payments. This system is based on the SWIFT Y-Copy service and currently there are 16 direct participants that are members of the Closed Users Group (CUG) .

The system has been running live since January 31, 2004. The AIPS operating day begins at 8.00. The system settles interbank payments and customer payments till 15:30. From 15:30 till 16:00, the system accepts for processing only interbank market transaction and the system settles only the transactions initiated by the Bank of Albania. After 16:30 dawn closing of the day.

AIPS processes all systemically important payments in ALL (Albanian Lek). Such payments include interbank payments and customer payments equal to or exceeding 1.500.000 ALL.

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