Interventions in the money market and foreign exchange market during the first quarter of 2009

Publication Date 16.07.2009

1. Bank of albania interventions in the money market

1.1. Open market operations

Money market interventions, during the first quarter of 2009, include the open market operations to inject liquidity.

Bank of Albania, with the purpose to inject liquidity, employed its main instrument the reverse repurchase agreement of one-week maturity. On weekly basis, the average being injected amounted to LEK 11.51 billion* and the adjustment instrument with maturity longer than one week, 3-month repurchase agreement. The adjustment instruments was employed in 6 cases (at an average of LEK 2.4 billion per auction), while measured on cumulative basis, the injected liquidity through this instrument pointed to LEK 14.24 billionat the end of first quarter.

1.2. Use of standing facilities

Banks employed the overnight deposit to invest free liquidity. Its average daily level amounted to LEK 0.94 billion, during the first quarter 2009, relative to LEK 2.78 million in the previous quarter.

The overnight loan facility around LEK 1.55 billion was employed in 8 (eight) cases.

The following chart provides a summary of the Bank of Albania interventions in the money market during the first quarter of 2009.


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