Balance of Payments Statistics

The balance of payments of a country is a statistical table that presents transactions in goods, services and financial assets and liabilities for a certain period of time. The balance of payments of Albania is compiled according to a methodology which is based on the “Balance of Payments and International Investment Position Manual, IMF, Sixth edition” (available in Engish, pdf format).

For the compilation of the balance of payments statistics , the Bank of Albania contacts a number of institutions, which regularly report to the Balance of Payments and Survey Sector. A considerable amount of information is obtained from the General Customs Directory, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Economy. At the same time, other units report through specific forms such as the ones for commercial banks, for insurance companies, for telecommunication companies, and recently for embassies and non-governmental institutions.

In addition, for the compilation of a number of statistics, the Bank of Albania, often in collaboration with INSTAT, organizes household or enterprise surveys which yield information on travel revenues and expenditures, on the cost of transportation and insurance for imports and exports and on the flow and stock of foreign direct investments in the country.

The statistics produced by the Balance of Payments and Surveys Sector, along with external sector analyses have been published in the quarterly bulletins of the balance of payments and the bulletins of the external trade. Currently, Bank of Albania publishes the yearly report of the balance of payments.


External sector statistics will be published compiled according to BPM6, starting from June 2014. Commentary related with these changes are available in the following document:

Commentary for changes in the publication of external sector statistics according to BPM6 (June 2014)

Balance of Payments

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