The banking supervisory function is exercised by the Bank of Albania, the central bank of the country, according to the law "On the Bank of Albania", no. 8269, dated 23.12.1997 and law "On the banking system in the Republic of Albania", no. 8365, dated 02.07.1998.

Banking supervision mission means exercising a careful, continuous and independent supervision on all financial intuitions licensed by the Bank of Albania, so as to guarantee the progress of their business. Banking supervision represents a unique and anticipatory role with regard to problems that may emerge in institutions licensed by the Bank of Albania in order to prevent these problems from becoming a potential threat to the financial industry and especially banking system stability. If such a thing happened, inter alias, the public image and reputation of these institutions, as well as that of the Bank of Albania, would be damaged, bearing negative impacts on the soundness and growth of the Albanian economy.

Banking Supervision Mission Document

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