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This is an annual publication of the Balance of Payments and Surveys Section. BoP Bulletin analyses in detail the developments of the external sector of the Albanian economy, for the respective year. It contains detailed analyses on the foreign trade developments by groups of goods and countries, the analyses of service performance, income, current transfers and transactions in the capital and financial account. It also provides through a synthetic description for the users of balance of payments statement knowledge of "balance of payments" concept, thus presenting simultaneously the sources and the methodology used in drafting the Albanian Balance of Payments. It also contains a statistical annex where the readers will find a time series of data for the main items of the balance of payments.

Its first issue was published in October 1995. Until 2002, the Balance of Payments Bulletin used to be published on a quarterly basis, whereas starting from 2003, it is published annually.

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Balance of Payments Bulletin - 2009

BoA Statements on External Sector Developments - Released in 2009


The overall balance of payments for the second quarter of 2009 ended with a growth of foreign assets at EUR 142 million. The second quarter of year yielded with a current account deficit of EUR 360 million. The deficit reduced by about EUR 3 million from EUR 363 million, relative...
Published by Balance of Payments and Surveys Section on 17.09.2009
The overall Balance of Payments for the first quarter of 2009 recorded a reduction of foreign assets of EUR 131 million. The first quarter of year was closed with a current account deficit of EUR 334 million. Compared to the first quarter of 2008, current account deficit increase...
Published by Balance of Payments and Surveys Section on 10.06.2009

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