Catalogue of Albanian Banknotes and Coins


The Catalogue of Albanian Banknotes and Coins was published by the Bank of Albania on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the National Bank of Albania (the present Bank of Albania). This catalogue presents chronologically issues of banknotes and coins by the Bank.

This publication is a modest effort to set the issuing history of the national Albanian currency into a national development context.

Divided into separate chapters that cover different historic periods, the theoretical explanations are made in a plain language, with an informative style. Thus, through this edition, Albanian and foreign readers have the opportunity to get informed on the Albanian currency, on how and when Albanians have issued their own currency and the desire and artistic skills to design and produce their domestic currency.

The most judicious reader may, through the pages, realize the efforts of the Albanian State at different stages to develop, strengthen, or make its economy independent.

The first of its kind, this catalogue has numerous illustrations of found banknotes and coins, making its introduction to the public even more distinguished.


In this Catalogue you will find:

  • Extensive information on issues of banknotes and coins of all periods;
  • Brief information on coins that were in circulation in ancient Albania;
  • Structure of denominations in circulation in a given period, illustrated graphically;
  • Rare photos of banknotes, coins, and photos of "Lek-Securities" denominations, which you have never had the opportunity to see before.

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