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"...The building housing the Bank of Albania is nearly 70 years old and it is located at the very centre of Tirana....  Solid and heavy-looking, it is surrounded with an original glow that stems from the auburn colour of the façade and its soft semi round shape in accord with the great responsibilities this building carries on the inside and a reflection of trust and security it projects on the outside. !..."

Ardian Fullani,
Preface to the Brochure "The Building of the Bank of Albania"




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The works for the construction of the National Bank of Albania began in February 1937, whereas the inauguration ceremony of its building was held on 30 October 1938. The building was designed by Professor Vittorio Ballio Morpurgo, one of Italy's most distinguished architects of that time.




The design of the building belongs to the rationalist architecture current that bloomed in Europe in the first half of the 20th century. It excels from all points of view, the harmony and rhythm, the rational dimension of doors, windows, balconies, and the monumental portico; the harmony of colours and unity in the materials covering the façade.


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Reconstruction Project

The reconstruction and restoration of the Bank of Albania building emerged as a necessity to improve the functionality of facilities supporting central bank's activities, and are based on the principle of restoring the existing building to its original state




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The Building of the Bank of Albania
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