Information on commissions and interest rates applied on banking products and services


Effective July 27, 2012, you will find on the Bank of Albania website the interest rates and commissions applied on products and services that commercial banks offer at home to for the public. The available information is concentrated and easily to be used.

The reporting shall take place on a quarterly basis and shall provide data for individual banks.

This project aims to improve the standards on transparency, the protection of banking clients and to narrow the distance between the bank and the customer, through the facilitation of informing process on most adequate cost-profits that customers should pay or profit on loans, deposits, current accounts, banking cards, etc.

The published information will be useful to both households and businesses, in order to orient them towards best choice that suits their financial situation. On the other hand, the project is expected to affect competition in the market as well the rate offered on interests and commissions on the banking products and services.

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