interest rates of Bank of Albania's Instruments

This rubric shows the actual interest rates applied by Bank of Albania in its monetary policy instruments. In addition the interbank money market rates are published. TRIBID and TRIBOR are average rates based on the quotations of the panel banks to purchase and to sell deposits in the interbank money market. In this rubric you may find also the historical data of these interest rates.

Further information about the developments in the monetary aggregates in Albania are found in the time series database .

Bank of Albania Rates 
One week Repurchase Agreement (Repo) 
One Week Repurchase Agreement  Repo Rate 1.25 %
'Overnight' deposit 
Overnight deposit    0.25 %
'Overnight' credit 
Overnight credit    2.25 %

Required reserve remuneration rate 
In Lekė  70% of BoA base rate 0.88 %
In EUR  Equal to the ECB o/n deposit rate -0.40 %
In USD    0.00 %
Interbank money market rates 
TRIBID 'Tirana Interbank Bid Rate' 
o/n  overnight 1.14 %
1W  one week 1.20 %
1M  1-month 1.14 %
3M  3-month 1.21 %
6M  6-month 1.52 %
12M  12-month 1.90 %
TRIBOR 'Tirana Interbank Offer Rate' 
o/n  overnight 1.39 %
1W  one week 1.42 %
1M  1-month 1.59 %
3M  3-month 2.18 %
6M  6-month 2.63 %
12M  12-month 3.22 %


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