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The main objective of the Bank of Albania is to achieve and maintain price stability. To pursue this goal and to strengthen its transparency, the Bank of Albania compiles and publishes the Monetary Policy Report. This Report is the main instrument the Bank of Albania uses to communicate its monetary policy to the public. It provides a comprehensive overview of the recent macroeconomic developments and the factors that have affected and are expected to affect consumer price performance in Albania.


The Bank of Albania’s Monetary Policy Report is published quarterly, in both Albanian and English versions. This Report was an integral part of the Economic Bulletin until 2009. It was first published as a separate publication in April 2010.

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The Albanian economy recorded a positive development during 2010 H2. The economic activity continued to mark growth, while the main macroeconomic balances improved, whereas risk premium and interest rates in financial markets decreased. The 2010 economic growth was primarily driv...
Published by Monetary Policy Department on 07.06.2011
The performance of the Albanian economy during the third quarter of 2010 reinforced the main developments in the first half of the present year, featuring gradual recovery of aggregate demand, lower risk premium and consolidation of macroeconomic stability....
Published by Monetary Policy Department on 31.01.2011
Economic and monetary developments of the first two quarters of 2010 were by and large in line with Bank of Albania’s forecasts. Economic activity has slightly improved, inflation pressures have been downward and the external balances of the Albanian economy have recovered....
Published by Monetary Policy Department on 08.10.2010
Economic developments during the first quarter of 2010 were in line with those of the previous quarter. Although available data are scarce, our analyses conclude that the country’s economic activity has been relatively slow. It was influenced by low level of private investm...
Published by Monetary Policy Department on 30.07.2010

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