Monetary Policy Strategies for Small Economies - Editor, Ardian Fullani

Production date: 13.07.2009
Printed on: 13.07.2009

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The book you are holding in your hands contains a series of presentations made by distinguished national and international experts in the 7th Annual Conference of the Bank of Albania titled "Monetary Policy Strategies for Small Economies", held in Tirana on 6-7 December 2007. I avail myself of this opportunity to express my appreciation to all the Conference speakers for accepting the Bank of Albania’s invitation to provide their outstanding scientific contribution to finalizing the 3-year project and analyzing all the preconditions required for the successful implementation of the inflation targeting regime in Albania. The speakers‘ analyses, recommendations and conclusions provided in the Conference will assist the Bank of Albania’s future endeavours and work. The views and conclusions expressed in this volume are those of the authors and should not be attributed to the Bank of Albania or to any institution with which the authors are affiliated. I also wish to thank the staff members of the Bank of Albania for their contribution to finalizing this project. Ardian Fullani Governor

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