Monetary and financial statistics

Bank of Albania collects, compiles and publishes monetary and financial statististics. Monetary and financial statistics include information obtained by the following institutions: central bank, other depository corporations and other financial institutions.

The compilation of monetary and financial statistics is done according to the "Methodology of monetary and financial statistics, BOA, July 2003" which is based on the "Manual of monetary and financial statistics, IMF, 2000".

Monetary and financial institutions report at the Bank of Albania through the reporting systems approved by the Supervisory Council of the Bank of Albania. The periodicity of these reports is monthly, quarterly, every six month, and annually. These reports are used by the banking supervision department as well as by the compilers of the monetary and financial statistics.

Currently, the Bank of Albania, compiles monetary statistics which comprise statistics from institutions that create money i.e. the central bank and the deposit corporations institutions (deposit money banks and savings and loans associations). Work for the presentations of statistics from Other Financial Institutions is in progress.

Monetary survey is compiled in monthly bases. These statistics are published at the Times Series Database as well as at the Monthly Statistical Report.

Monetary and financial statistics:

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