The Bank of Albania, pursuant to Law No. 8269, dated 23.12.1997 "On the Bank of Albania" and in conformity with the monetary policy approved by the Supervisory Council, determines the quantity and decides on the printing and minting procedures of national banknotes and coins of legal tender, as well as coins and banknotes printed and minted for numismatic purposes.

What is numismatics? Numismatics is the science, which deals with the collection of coins and paper currency, from early times to the most recent ones.

In our country, the genesis of coin minting dates back in the 7th - 6th centuries in Dyrrah (present Durrės) and Apollonia (Pojan in Fieri). The coins minted during this period mark the starting point of the collection history of coins for numismatic purposes.

It was not until mid 1970, when numismatics started to gain popularity with regard to the collection of banknotes.

Coins and banknotes are similar in the fact that they serve as legal liabilities for commercial services. However, this similarity was realized only later on by banknotes collectors.

In many countries, banknotes and coins collection was banned. Only three decades ago collectors could refer to a limited number of catalogues and the merchants' prices, most of which were incomplete and hard to find. They could also build up their knowledge through personal research or contacts with other collectors.

Nowadays, coins and banknotes are an object of collection for all numismatists throughout the world. In Albania, the Collectors Federation of Albania is established and people fond of collecting Albanian coins, banknotes and stamps adhere in it.Considering the significance of the preservation and evidencing of the issue history of all Albanian coins and banknotes, the Bank of Albania published, in 2002, a catalogue of Albanian banknotes and coins from antiquity to 2002.

Catalogue of Albanian Banknotes and Coins

Contents of the Catalogue

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