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The Financial Stability Report

The Financial Stability Report (FSR) is a document which analyses the most important developments of the financial system through a calendar year and identifies the factors of systemic risk for the domestic financial stability. The purpose of this report is to detect and assess the risks the financial system and its infrastructure are faced with, as well as to provide the public authorities with the possibility to identify the relevant measures for the necessary corrections. For the compilation of this report there have been used data available at the Bank of Albania and information has been exchanged with other authorities, which supervise the activity of the financial market. The FSR was first published in 2008 and it will be released half-yearly both in Albanian and English.

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The Financial System Stability Statement

The Financial System Stability Statement (FSSS) is published semiannually, as a legal obligation of the Bank of Albania to inform the Council of Ministers and the Parliament of the Republic of Albania and, to draw the attention of the financial institutions and the public on the situation of the domestic financial system and the potential risks which threaten its stability. From 2010, the FSSS will be incorporated into the Financial Stability Report.

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