The questionnaires in this page aim at supplementing the existing database used by the Financial Stability Department in its analyses and assessments. They relate to indicators of the financial situation of businesses and households, their opinions on the development of risk factors that endanger the domestic financial stability etc. Based on the regulation No. 53, date 21.06. 2000 “On the Transparency and Confidentiality in the Bank of Albania” the Bank of Albania commits to the observance of the confidentiality of the individual information. Also the Bank of Albania commits to the use of such information only for statistical aims and in the publication of the results in an aggregated level.


The questionnaire on the debt to households.

The questionnaire on the debt to households aims at obtaining supplementary data on the level of debt to households, the weight of debt service in the household’s income, the issuing currency, the type of debt and on other characteristics of the debtor. The analysis of these data is used to identify the weight of different risk factors for the debt to households and their evolution over time.


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