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The Bank of Albania aims to corroborate its decision-making process on a sound foundation of a body of knowledge, tested on the Albanian economy. Investment in creating solid research capacities contributes to improving the reputation and credibility of the Bank of Albania, as an institution with advanced methodologies and the necessary knowledge to guarantee the domestic macro-economic equilibriums. Therefore, the active development of research assumes a primary role in the development strategy of the Bank of Albania.

The Bank of Albania publishes a wide range of economic research in the form of the following publications:


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Economic Review 

Released half-yearly, the Economic Review features articles and research papers by Bank of Albania’s employees. Their analyses address a broad range of economic and financial topics, as well as data on the Bank of Albania and the Albanian banking system. For more...








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Research Newsletter

The Research Newsletter is published half yearly and features information on both recently concluded and in progress research papers presented in the “Friday Seminars” or other activities organized by the Bank of Albania. For more...









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Research Papers

Research Papers include studies, research analyses on different subjects related to theoretical and practical aspects, important for the economic financial developments in Albania, as well as the outlook. The papers are written by Bank of Albania’s staff, whose views are not necessarily those of the Bank of Albania. For more...









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Conference books series of the Bank of Albania

Proceedings of conferences, as well as other activities, organized by the Bank of Albania are compiled in separate publications, presenting the views of the speakers and the conclusions reached in these activities. For more...














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