The Bank of Albania is in possession of a rich statistical system covering all the sectors of the Albanian economy, namely, the monetary sector, the fiscal sector, the real sector and the external sector. The purpose of collecting this kind of information is related to the goals of the central bank which are: the design and implementation of the monetary policy, the compilation of the balance of payments and the analyses of the financial and banking system geared towards the development of this system.

To serve its purpose, the Bank of Albania collects information from the monetary and financial institutions operating in the Albanian territory and compiles the pertinent statistics. Similarly, the Bank of Albania collects information from various sources in order to compile the balance of payment statistics for the Republic of Albania.

In addition to the above, Bank of Albania collects information from other sectors of the economy.

The statistical information is displayed for the public. In this way, Bank of Albania represents a good and significant source for statistical information.

You can download detailed information at  Publications on statistics  or time series divided by sectors under Time Series.


External sector statistics will be published compiled according to BPM6, starting from June 2014. Commentary related with these changes are available in the following document:

Commentary for changes in the publication of external sector statistics according to BPM6 (June 2014)

Starting from December 2014, external sector statistics will be published together with the analyses on Balance of Payemnt and Gross External Debt indicators:

 Analysis of Balance of Payments indicators

 Analysis of Gross External Debt indicators


Starting from June 2016, the quarterly table "Indicators of capital and assets quality" under the “Banking Statistics” section is replaced by the monthly table "Financial Soundness Indicators". The table “Indicators of capital and assets quality” is archived under the “Banking Statistics” section.

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