The Bank of Albania Challenge

The Real Value of Money

The Bank of Albania is running the central banking competition dedicated to the students of the capital city, attending their third year of high school. The BoA challenge is a part of the educational activities organized by the "The Central Bank in Everyday Life" educational program, a program which targets the society as a whole. Teams composed by three students will learn about Bank of Albania's functions, its monetary policy and the impact that it has on the national economy. The competition gives students a chance to experience team-work as well as to develop and demonstrate key skills to the public at large.

The eliminatory phase of "Real Value of Money" challenge took place in the Bank of Albania hall. The 20 participant teams confronted each other divided in groups of 5. Seated in a round table formation the teams tested their knowledge before a panel of judges consisting of directors of the Bank of Albania. The competitors responded to a diversity of questions, including elaborative questions, quiz questions, missing term questions, one exercise, one graph interpretation and to conclude a discussion question that each team prepared for the other competing teams.

2 April

Group I 10.00 am Group II 12.30 pm

1. Wilson 1. Arsakeio
2. Sinan Tafaj 2. Tirana Jonė
3. Qemal Stafa 3. Partizani
4. Harry Fultz 4. A.Z. Ēajupi
5. Arben Broci 5. Abdullah Keta

4 April

Group I 10.00 am Group II 12.30 pm

1. Eqerem Ēabej 1. Petro Nini Luarasi
2. Ismail Qemali 2. Aleks Buda
3. Sami Frashėri 3. Sandėr Prosi
4. Vėllezėrit Kajtazi 4. Asim Vokshi
5. Myslym Keta 5. Besnik Sykja

The final phase of the central banking competition, "The Real Value of Money", took place April the 25th, in the "Black Box" theater of the Academy of Arts, in Tirana. The three finalist teams answered to a group of 7 questions, as the activity was followed by a public of approximately 200 people. The team representing "Qemal Stafa" public high school had a better performance regarding their knowledge on the study material, analytical skills, presenting skills and team-work performance. The second runner up was the team of "Sami Frashėri " public high school, followed by the third runner up, "Besnik Sykja" public high school.

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