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"Time series" is a public database, part of the Bank's publications. This database is centralized data base of statistical information - it presents time series of aggregated statistical data. Most of these data derive from statistical processing conducted directly by the Bank. However, data from external sources, for example from Ministry of Finance, national statistical office - INSTAT, are also available. Publication of the information is available by their permission only.

The compilation of monetary and financial statistics is done according to the "Methodology of monetary and financial statistics, BoA, July 2003" which is based on the "Manual of monetary and financial statistics, IMF, 2000".

The balance of payments of Albania is compiled according to a methodology which is based on the "Balance of Payments Manual, Fifth Edition, 1993 IMF" (available in Engish, pdf format).

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External sector statistics will be published compiled according to BPM6, starting from June 2014. Commentary related with these changes are available in the following document:

Commentary for changes in the publication of external sector statistics according to BPM6 (June 2014)



Period: Monthly
Description: Main Fiscal Indicators
Institute: Ministry of Finance and Economy (MoF&E)
Methodology: The data are according to the MoF publication, and from September 2017 according to the MoF&E, table "Fiscal Indicators Regarding Consolidated Budget". From January, 2011 data are from publications on Reports: Fiscal and economic programming, reports and statistics, Fiscal and statistical report, Fiscal statistics. The data are in millions of Lek, progressive within the calendar year and they are updated according to the source institution revisions.

Interval Display mode Format
From: Graphic 3D 0 decimals
Linear 1 decimals
To: Table Fields by Period 2 decimals
Periods by Fields 3 decimals

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A Total Revenues
of which:
Tax Revenues
Nontax Revenues
SH Total Expenditures
of which:
Current Expenditures
Capital Expenditures
D Cash balance

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