Toward Europe

Twenty one years ago, in February 1992, the Governments of 12 EU countries signed the Maastricht Treaty, committing to adopt a common European currency.

On the new year’s eve of 2002, the lights of the upper floors of all central banks were on. Governors and their closest associates had a short night. Preparations for the introduction of the euro were punctual. However, this experiment had never been tried before. The history of banking had not gone through a similar experience before.  The variables at stake were too many.

Monetary circulation in our country, since the ancient period, shows that in the historical Albanian regions, since in the IV BC century, when it was issued the first local currency in the exchange market, there have circulated the main currencies of Europe. 


* Mythological portrait of Europa, now one of the
securities features of the new series
of euro banknotes, called the Europa series.

This far part let serve, among other things, to remember that the Albania history closely relates to that other part of the old continent, to which it belongs non-returnable, and that independently of historical deviations, its future is predetermined to be a European one.

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