Prof. Ksenofon Krisafi

Prof.Ksenofon Krisafi graduated as a Lawyer from the Faculty of Political and Juridical Sciences at the University of Tirana in 1969. He was awarded the “Doctor” scientific degree in 1993.

Prof. Krisafi started his long professional career as a scientific member of the Scientific Division at the Faculty of Political and Juridical Sciences of the University of Tirana, where he worked for more than 12 years. Then, for almost 10 years until 1993 he was attached to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, initially as a Chief of the Legal Bureau, a lawyer and later on a Director of the Executive Board of the Legal and Consultancy Affairs and International Treaties. During 1998 – 2002 he continued his activity at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as an Ambassador and Permanent Representative of the Republic of Albania at the UNO and WTO in Geneva. During his activity in the diplomatic service he participated in many international conferences and bi- or multi-lateral meetings, in the capacity of a member or head of the delegation.

Prof. Krisafi has an extended pedagogical and academic background as well. Since 1971 onwards he has been a lecturer of the International Public Right at the Faculty of Justice, at the Journalism branch and at the post-university courses of Diplomacy and Foreign Trade at the University of Tirana.

His researches and studies record a number of papers, articles, studies, and addresses made to scientific national and international colloquiums and conferences, as well as books and university textbooks. His academic curriculum peaked in 1997-1998 when he occupied the position Dean of the Legal Faculty of Tirana University. Then he was awarded the title “Professor” in 2004 and “Doctor Honoris Causa” by the University of Sanctii Cirili of Malta. His academic activity also includes a considerable number of lectures held to foreign universities, such as to Sorbonne (Paris), Geneva, La Sapienza University of Rome, University of Bari, Catholic University of Luven (Belgium), “Aristotle” University of Thessalonica, Panion University of Athens, University of Upsal (Sweden) and University of Pristine, etc.

Prof. Krisafi has been engaged in a number of management bodies of various institutions, such as: a member of the Scientific Council of the Diplomatic Academy of the MFA (2005), a member of the European Commission on Efficiency of Justice of the European Council (2005), a member of the Executive Board of Inter-University Centre for Researches in Eastern and Southeastern Europe (2003), a founding member and a member of the Board of Directors of the Centre for Economic and Social Studies (1998), as well as a member of the Albanian Committee of Helsinki and of its Board of Directors (1995-98), of the Management Board of the Association “On legal culture” (1997-98), of the Management Board of the “Urban Integration” Foundation (1997-98), etc.

During 2002-2005 he worked at the Council of Ministers as a General Secretary and a diplomatic advisor of the Prime Minister. From September 2005 to October 2006 he was a member and Executive Director of the Securities Commission. Presently he is a lecturer and the Dean of the Legal Faculty at the European University of Tirana.

He is fluent in French, English, Russian and Italian.

Prof. Ksenofon Krisafi is Member of the Supervisory Council of the Bank of Albania since October 2004.



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