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IBAN - The International Bank Account Number


The International Bank Account Number (IBAN) is an international standard, through which a bank uniquely identifies its customer bank account, for the purpose of facilitating the process of transfers. This leaflet provides information on its structure and usage, given that from January 2010 IBAN will be the only standard of a customer account number in the Republic of Albania.
Published only in Albanian. 


Students’ financial guidebook

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This brochure is designed for the target group of high school students who are thinking of following a university or college. In order to give students all the useful information that will able them to make “smart” financial decisions when they start their university or college experience, this brochure is written in a language understandable by the public at large. Inside it contains all the general information on some of the most used financial notions and instruments, as well as some basic money management advises.
Published only in Albanian.


Shape your future – Plan your finances

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This brochure intends to help the public at large organize the financial aspect of their everyday life, better manage their personal finances as well as orient  them to the most adequate ways of how to increase their savings or earnings.
Published only in Albanian.


The new era of internet banking

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Internet banking or the opportunity to access banking services via the internet has definitely brought about an evolution to the banking system. It has enabled the “establishment” of a bank branch in everyone’s home. In Albania, internet banking is yet in its first steps and this is why the Bank of Albania has published this brochure. It introduces this new service to the public, to the advantages and the special care to be taken while using it. Published only in Albanian.


Electronic money: The future of money?

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The modernization of the banking system provides numerous opportunities for reducing cash in economy, one of which is electronic money. In order to have a more clear view of e-money, the Bank of Albania provides to all cash users basic information on this new form of money, its advantages and disadvantages, and on the various ways of using it.
Published only in Albanian.


Debt and loan = a matter of interest


Debt has existed from the medieval times until today. It has taken many forms, being developed in what we know today as loan. This brochure provides information to the public at large on the various kinds of loans and how to apply for it.
Published only in Albanian.


Why should you have a personal budget?


The budget may be considered as the first step to achieve your financial goals. It helps you to control your expenses, creating possibilities for raising your savings. To a certain extent, the budget is your financial conscience. It reveals how much you earn and how much you are spending.
Published only in Albanian. 

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