Regulatory framework of the Bank of Albania

In order to fulfil the objectives and to execute the tasks assigned by law, the Bank of Albania according to Article 116, Paragraph 3, Articles 117-119 of the Constitution of the Republic of Albania; Article 1, Paragraph 4, letter "b", Article 70 of its organic law and according to the provisions of the law on banks, has the right to issue by-laws acts, that aim to regulate and discipline its activity and the activity of the subjects the Bank supervises. All the by-laws of the Bank of Albania constitute the regulatory framework, where is based its functional activity and the activity of the subjects exercising banking and financial activity in the Republic of Albania.

The legal acts issued by the decision-making bodies of the Bank of Albania, whose implementation is obligatory, may take the form of the following acts:

Decisions - are the acts of the collegial bodies that approve mainly regulations, directives or other documents of general appliance or of declarative nature.
The decisions have normative or individual character. They have normative character when setting general rules, and they have individual character when regulating a concrete relationship or when referring to one or more subjects.

Regulations and guidelines - are the acts by means of which the Supervisory Council of the Bank of Albania defines a series of rules and criteria aiming to regulate a concrete relationship determined by law.

Orders - are individual acts of the Bank of Albania's administrators, of internal nature which determine general rules of conduct and/or regulate concrete relationship.

The decisions of the Supervisory Council of the Bank of Albania are published in the Official Bulletin of the Bank of Albania and occasionally even in the Official Gazette. They are obligatory observed by all the entities they refer to.

In order to make this regulatory framework more accessible and usable, it has been organized according to the fields it covers, which are related to the main functions of the central bank.

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