Analyses and surveys

Periodic analyses provide extensive information on economic and financial developments in Albania, as well as the impact of international developments on these developments. These analyses supplement the macroeconomic analysis in the quarterly monetary policy reports and contribute to monetary policy decision-making.

The periodic analyses focus on global markets, financial intermediation, and the external sector of the economy.  

The External Sector analysis is produced quarterly and is based on the information from the quarterly Balance of Payments statistics. It aims at reflecting the dynamics related to its component sub-accounts. The Analysis also informs on the macro-economic developments related to balance of payments statistics, such as the savings-investment gap, reporting on deficit financing and the structure of financing in terms of the nature of the financing flows.

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The Gross External Debt analysis is produced yearly, based on the most recent available statistical data. It reflects the performance of the foreign debt stock indicator and the contribution by its sub-components. The Analysis reports also on certain indicators related to the stability and liquidity of this indicator.

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The Trends in Lending analysis in Albania is produced quarterly. It analyses the monetary data on the credit portfolio, as well as lending conditions. In addition, this Analysis presents an overview of the most recent credit developments in Central, Eastern and South Eastern European (CESEE) countries.

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