Resolution Fund

The resolution fund was established on 10 January 2018 pursuant to Law 133/2016 "On the recovery and resolution in banks, in the Republic of Albania". 
The bank resolution fund pools together regular (annual) contributions from banks, whose level is set by the Bank of Albania so that the target level of 0.5% of the all banks ’liabilities might be reached by 11 July 2027.
In ten years (2017-2027), this will be achieved by collecting contributions from banks in banking sector.


Timeframe for the annual contributions and payment to the Fund 


The Bank of Albania calculates annually the contribution paid by the banking sector for gradual build-up of the Resolution Fund. The calculation shall be made according to the formula set out in the Regulation of the Fund.

10 periods of contributions


Establishment of the "Resolution Fund"

  • For the first year, the target level, the annual level of the Fund and the annual contribution for each bank is based on the financial statements of 2016.
  • By 10 January 2018, banks shall pay 10% of the annual contribution to the Fund. 
  • By 30 April 2018, banks shall pay the remaining 90% of the contribution for the first year.


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