Financial Stability Reports

Financial Stability Reports

The Bank of Albania has the legal obligation to inform the Council of Ministers and the Albanian Parliament every six months through a statement, whether there are threats to the financial system stability, the nature and type of threat, as well as the need for legal and sub-legal improvements or other legal initiatives to address the identified threats and risks. For this obligation, the Bank publishes the Financial Stability Statement, an integral part of the Financial Stability Report. 

The Financial Stability Report is prepared by the Financial Stability Department and started to be published in 2007. The report contains:

  • an assessment of the main risks to financial stability;
  • an analysis of the international and macroeconomic developments in the country;
  • the financial position and risk exposure of households and enterprises;
  • an analysis of financial markets; and
  • a detailed analysis of the banking sector, which includes stress test results on stability and liquidity.

The report also contains special analyses and summaries of research papers on relevant topics, in the form of incorporated boxes.


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