Licensing and Oversight

The Bank of Albania, in addition to its role as the operator and reformer of payment systems, is also the overseer of the payment systems.

The payment Financial Market Infrastructure (FMI) for payments, securities and derivative transactions) along with financial markets and institutions, are the main components of the financial system.

Thus, a safe and efficient payment system is fundamental for economic and financial activities and is essential for the monetary policy transmission and safeguarding financial stability.

In this context, oversight through licencing, regulation and constant oversight is very important for guaranteeing safe and efficient systems.

Also, the focus of payment systems oversight is payment instruments, in the framework of enhancing public trust in the national currency.

Oversight of payment and settlement systems by the Bank of Albania applies to:

  • payment and securities settlement systems (in cooperation with the Albanian Financial Supervisory Authority), which:
  • are owned and operated by the Bank of Albania
  • are owned and operated by the private entities
  • central counterparties (in cooperation with the Albanian Financial Supervisory Authority);
  • Payment instruments and services;
  • payment systems' elements that are considered important by the Bank of Albania.

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