Financial Stability Indicators


Around 90% of the financial sector assets in Albania are held by banks, followed by investment funds and non-bank financial institutions. Click here for summarized data on the size and structure of the financial sector in Albania. For more detailed information on the segments supervised by the Bank of Albania, click here; for more detailed information on the entities licensed and supervised by the Financial Supervisory Authority click here, and here you will find data on the banking sector as well as on specific banks.


Financial soundness indicators provide information on the financial soundness of financial institutions as well as households and enterprises and they serve to support the economic and financial stability analysis. The methodology for drafting financial soundness indicators, developed by the International Monetary Fund, is presented in the Compilation Guide on Financial Soundness Indicators (2006).  Since the end of 2016, The Bank of Albania publishes quarterly the key indicators of financial soundness in the  Time Series. For more information on financial soundness indicators and the way they are drafted click here.