Official exchange rate

The Bank of Albania operates under a free-floating exchange rate regime.

The value of the Albanian currency (lek) against foreign currencies is freely determined in the foreign exchange market. Exchange rate fluctuations reflect the free movement of goods and capital and the financial transactions of Albania with its trading partners.

Without prejudice to the free exchange rate regime, the Bank of Albania may carry out operations in the foreign exchange market in order to adjust the exchange rate to the level determined by key macroeconomic factors, avoid disruptions and increase or decrease the foreign currency reserve.

The Bank of Albania calculates and publishes the official exchange rate. This is a (single) forex rate reference, which may be used by those interested for trading, evaluation, comparison and statistical purposes.

Official exchange rate of main foreign currencies against the Albanian lek

Last update: 22.08.2019  12:31:38
Main Currency Albanian Lek per Foreign Currency Unit
US Dollar USD 109.26 +0.12
Euro EUR 121.15 -0.03
Great Britain Pound GBP 132.48 +0.04
Swiss Franc CHF 111.27 -0.10
Japanese Yen (100) JPY 102.73 +0.22
Australian Dollar AUD 73.90 -0.17
Canadian Dollars CAD 82.21 +0.16
Swedish Krona SEK 11.30 -0.01
Norwegian Krone NOK 12.18 0.00
Denmark Krone DKK 16.24 0.00
Special Drawing Rights SDR 149.87 +0.28
Gold(OZ 1) XAU 163423.46 -208.68
Silver(OZ 1) XAG 1857.86 -7.53
Chinese Yuan (onshore) CNY 15.42 -0.03
Chinese Yuan (offshore) CNH 15.41 -0.03
Turkish Lira TRY 18.96 -0.15

Last update: 15.08.2019  12:37:10
Currency Albanian Lek per Foreign Currency Unit
Bulgarian Lev BGN 61.86 -0.32
Hungarian Forint HUF 37.12 -0.09
Russian Ruble RUB 163.90 -8.09
Croatian Kuna HRK 16.38 -0.10
Czech Koruna CZK 4.67 -0.07
Macedonian Denar MKD 2.00 +0.02

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