In addition to banknotes and coins in circulation, the Bank of Albania issues banknotes, coins and medallions for commemorative purposes.  They serve to commemorate important events and personalities. 
The National Bank of Albania (Banka Kombëtare e Shqipnis) started to mint commemorative coins in mid-1920s. The Katundari (Municipality) of Korça printed commemorative banknotes at the beginning of 1920s. 

The National Bank of Albania minted the first coin for commemorative and circulation purposes.  The 20 Gold francs, issued in 1926, commemorated “The Pact of Friendship and Security” between Italy and Albania, signed in 1926.

The 20 Skënder banknote was printed by the Katundaria (Municipality) of Korça in 1921. It was the first commemorative banknote on the occasion of confirming the political and administrative borders of Albania at the Conference of Ambassadors in Paris, November 1921.

In addition to commemorative coins and banknotes, commectors are interested in previous issues of the Bank of Albania.