Handling complaints

Customer complaints submitted to the Bank of Albania are handled by the Supervision Department in cooperation with the Legal Department. While taking into account the complexity and nature of the complaint, as well as the time necessary for further and independent investigation, or with the financial institutions to which the complaint is addressed, the Bank of Albania is committed to treating the complaints at the earliest convenience. 

When addressing the complaint, the Supervision Department coordinates its actions with the Legal Department and carries out a further investigation of the problem by requesting more complete and detailed information from the institution subject of the complaint.

After the Bank of Albania is satisfied with the completeness of the information, it sends its customer a response through the Director of the Supervision Department/Legal Department.

If the complaint relates to non-compliance or violation of the legal and/or by-laws of the Bank of Albania, the financial institution is required through a special letter to address the case in favour of the client, accompanied by the relevant prudence/administrative measures, as appropriate. Meanwhile, anyhow, a letter of reply is addressed to the client, stating also the stance of the Bank of Albania on the issue in question. The spirit of the responses addressed to the customer is such as to highlight the fact that the relationship between the bank and the customer is a legal-civil relationship, and as such, should be solved through the courts in case the parties do not agree on an acceptable solution.

(!) The complaint submitted to the Bank of Albania should be endorsed by documented communication that has taken place between the client and the financial institution, before the submission of the complaint with the Bank of Albania.

In addition to the clear and chronological written complaint, which should clearly state the reason for the complaint, other documents that supports and evidence the case and the history of the complaint (e.g. the contract for the offered product, correspondence with the financial institution to which the complaint is addressed) are also necessary.  

In general, any (existing or walk-in) client of a bank or non-bank financial institution, licensed by the Bank of Albania can file a complaint with the Bank of Albania. Complaints filed by households and natural persons are prioritised. This segment is considered as the most exposed and vulnerable group, as their capacities (organizational, financial, legal), knowledge and understanding of complex issues related to products, banking and financial services are more limited than the segment of legal persons.

The complaint with the Bank of Albania may be addressed directly by the client, or by a representative (law firm/lawyer). In the latter case, the complaint should be accompanied by  a notarised proxy.