Bank of Albania organizes the third Conference of the Museum of the Bank of Albania on “Museums and education in the future”

Publication date: 15.11.2019


On 15 November 2019, the Bank of Albania organised the Third Conference of the Museum of the Bank of Albania on “Museums and education in the future”

The Conference brought together museum staff, experts, researchers in the field of museology and education, to present and discuss their research findings or experiences in this field, focusing on the role that museums and education may have in the future on the culture and progress of Albania.

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The proceedings of the Third Conference of the Museum of the Bank of Albania were opened by the First Deputy Governor of the Bank of Albania, Ms Luljeta Minxhozi and the Minister of Culture, Ms Elva Margariti.

Ms Minxhozi said that the Museum of the Bank of Albania, in view of its educational objective, combines the numismatic and historical dimensions with banking and financial education.

She also emphasized that the Bank of Albania - having been in public financial education for more than a decade - is now part of international networks in the field of education, as well as those of money museums or banks, thus enabling the exchange of experiences and best practices. The First Deputy Governor also underlined that the latest technological developments have transformed the museums, among other things, into information centres, where the visitors not only are informed, but also learn interactively through applications, films, educational publications and lectures.

The Minister of Culture, Ms Elva Margariti, welcomed and praised the Bank of Albania's educational role through its Money Museum. Introducing the latest initiatives of the Ministry in the field of museums, Minister Margariti focused on the role of memory sites, which represent a value added in recognizing the history of Albania, since they promote education and help the younger generations to know them better, and remember the past. The Minister said that these new forms to attract the public remain of particular importance in evoking history and tradition.

The special guest at this Conference, Director of the National Museum of History, Dr Dorian Koçi, presented the educational activities of the National Museum of History, and described it as a welcoming place and a hub of activities for young people. Mr Koçi  highlighted that the National History Museum is an institution that proves not only the historical, artistic and cultural values ​​of our nation, but also provides the space needed for research and historical analysis, and therefore the strengthening of its educational role for future generations.