9-th South Eastern European Economic Research Workshop on ''Rethinking Economic Policies and Central Banks' Methodologies''

Publication date: 04.12.2015


On 3-4 December 2015, the Bank of Albania organised the 9th South Eastern European Economic Research Workshop on "Rethinking economic policies and central bank methodologies".

Participants from central banks of Italy, Greece, Montenegro, Turkey, as well as academics and experts from the Bank of Albania attended the workshop. During the two-day proceedings, participants presented 20 research works, of which 12 by Bank of Albania researchers.

The workshop was organised in individual sessions dedicated to current issues related to European banking system stability, non-performing loans, factors contributing to credit growth, credit efficiency allocation, monetary policy effects and foreign exchange market interventions, pass-through of import prices to the domestic economy, foreign direct investments and consumer confidence.

In his address to the workshop, Mr Gent Sejko, Governor of the Bank of Albania pointed out that conclusions of the research work are a key element that contribute to Bank of Albania's decision-making process. For that reason, research activities assume special importance both for central banks and academics in the field of economy.

Full text of the address by Governor Sejko