Announcement on putting into circulation the 1000 Lekë note, legal tender, issue of 2011

Publication date: 28.05.2013


In compliance with law No.  8269, dated 23.12.1997 'On the Bank of Albania", the Supervisory Council', with Decision No. 48, dated 29.06.2011, adopted the re-print of the Albanian 1000 Lekë note, legal tender.

Pursuant to this decision, Bank of Albania informs the public that on 3 June 2013 the Albanian 1000 Lekë note, legal tender, issue year 2011, will be put into circulation.

The new 1000 Lekë note, issue of 2011, is the same size and is similar in appearance to the 1996 issue 1000 Lekë note, which was put into circulation on 11.07.1997 and its re-printing in 2001, put into in circulation on 08.04.2002 and in 2007, and put into circulation on 14.11.2008.

In the new note the security thread becomes 2 mm, from 1.5 mm, the issue year in the banknote body will be 2011. The note bears the signature of the Head of Issue Department.

From 3 June 2013, the note 1000 Lekë, legal tender, issue of 2011, will circulate alongside the existing notes of this denomination already in circulation.

Further information, is available in the publications of the Bank of Albania, at commercial banks and foreign exchange bureaus in Albania.