Governor Sejko: Address to the end-of-year meeting with journalists, analysts and media representatives

Publication date: 15.12.2017


Dear participants,

I take this opportunity to welcome you at the end-of-year meeting of the Bank of Albania with media representatives, as well as with some of the most talented students in the field of economy.

I would like to start my brief address, by expressing my gratitude for the support that you, journalists and media representatives, provided to the Bank of Albania throughout 2017. The media analysis and coverage on the economic and financial developments both in Albania and abroad has entered into an interesting phase of awareness and professionalism. Hence, the activities of the Bank of Albania have received substantial coverage. I hope that the Bank of Albania has somewhat contributed to it, through periodic reports, research papers, educational activities and the direct contacts with you.

Also, through you, I would like to thank the organisations you represent, believing and hoping that the media analysis and coverage will further strengthen during 2018. I take the opportunity to guarantee you that, our doors will always be open to consult and share mutual opinions about relevant actual arguments, to enhance understanding the phenomena. A news item reaches the public easier through the media than any another means of communication. If it is a complete, true and professional one, then it provides clarity and reaction at the right direction and speed. Ultimately, it ensures higher effectiveness of our policies, and consequently, public confidence in the Bank of Albania will increase.

In line with our tradition, in this end-year activity we also hand out the Governor's Award for the Best Diploma Thesis. Before announcing the winners, I would like to commend all the students that participated in the competition for the most interesting scientific work. The Bank of Albania pays particular attention to research, as we are confident that the further perfection and deepening of research, is one of the main pillars for supporting economic growth of country. Financial literacy and the increase of financial inclusion are the main priorities of our work, and the contribution you all provide in this regard, through your works, is very valuable.

First, I thank all the participants in this competition. Your research is very interesting. At the same time, I commend your initiative to expand the spectrum of the economic and financial analysis beyond the traditional one. I have found that many of the arguments you addressed in your works are part of everyday discussions’ among policymakers and academics, in Albania and in the global economy.

Second, based on the above, I guarantee all the students that through your participation in this competition you have made the first important step in shaping your professional carrier. The level of your works was very good and promising a great potential for you to be future experts in the field of economic theory, markets functioning, banking and finances.

Third, it is important to understand that to be a successfully researcher, beyond education, one needs to be in contact with researchers everywhere, in Albania and abroad. I think this is one of secrets to be in tune with all novelties related to scientific research. Therefore, I suggest that you try now to build your "network" of connections. From this point of view, the Bank of Albania’ experts network will be open to everyone.

Last, before I announce the "Governor's Award for the Best Diploma Thesis 2017", I would like to say that the selection of best diploma thesis is not an easy mission, particularly when all the submitted works are of a high quality. The assessment commission has evaluated at length every work submitted, paying particular attention to all the details related to the research methodology, the originality of the thesis, and the use of the sophisticated and contemporary methods of the scientific research. At the end of this assessing process, a decision was taken regarding the winners, so let’s go ahead and present them.

Thank you and happy holidays!

I wish you a successful and prosperous new year!