Governor Sejko meets with economics journalists

Publication date: 22.10.2015


Today, on 22 October 2015, in the premises of the Bank of Albania, the Financial Stability Report 2015 H1 was presented in an informal meeting with economics journalists of the print and electronic media. The Bank of Albania presents regularly all periodic reports it publishes, as part of its communication policies with the media.

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The Financial Stability Report is one of the most important periodic documents of the Bank of Albania with the main aim to identify and assess the risks facing the financial system and its infrastructure. This was the 14th issue of the Financial Stability Report and it analyses the developments in 2015 H1.

At the end of the presentation, Governor Sejko met with the participating journalists and expressed his appreciation for their work in reporting the banking system-related news in a careful and responsible manner. He noted that thanks to the professionalism of journalists, the quality and analyses of the economic news has significantly increased, thereby avoiding potential speculations.

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During the meeting, the Governor responded to the journalists' interest on the current economic and financial issues. He, among other things, pointed out that the country's banking system is stable, with satisfactory capital and liquidity levels. As stress testing exercises reveal, the banking system is able to withstand risks. The Bank of Albania remains committed to fulfilling its mission to preserve the stability of the financial system.