Governor's speech at lunch hosted in honour of Mr. Dervis

Publication date: 12.09.2003


Honorable Ladies and Gentlemen,

Before I give the floor to Mr. Kemal Dervis allow me to say a few words about this great friend of Albania and Albanians. Kemal Dervis has become internationally renowned especially during the last year, for the precious assistance to the Turkish Government while it was facing the severest economic crisis of its modern history.
As one of the most credible policymakers of markets in transition, Mr. Dervis has held since 1998, the honorable position of a high official in the World Bank.Of course, we, as Albanians, are very grateful to Mr. Dervis for the remarkable personal and institutional contribution, because, as we all know, World Bank has been one of the biggest donators and supporters of Albania during the 12 years of transition. For the Turkish people and not only for it, Kemal Dervis is the inspirer of messages that call for European and global integration; he is the modern
politician that has replaced the traditional ones, and, for the Turks, he is a breath of fresh air.

Being in possession of remarkable knowledge of the economic and political situation of the region, and in particular of the Albanian case, Kemal Dervis enjoys the indubitable sympathy of Albanians as one the main leaders of his
country who has continuously and vigorously supported Albania, despite political fluctuations and changes.
It would take me a long time to speak of Kemal Dervis and his attributes but I am convinced that everybody is witness of his brilliant career in the World Bank , of his personal contribution in securing a vital package of 16 billion usd from the IMF that will help the revitalization of the Turkish economy, and will impact the economy of the whole region we live in.