The Bank of Albania puts into circulation the two latest denominations of the New Albanian Banknote Series: 500 Lekë and 2000 Lekë

Publication date: 17.01.2022


Today, on 17 January 2022, the Bank of Albania puts into circulation the two consecutive denominations of the new Albanian banknotes series, 500 Lekë and 2000 Lekë, which will be used as legal tender.

Both banknotes have a refreshed design, but they retain the same motives presented in the existing ones. They reflect changes related to the whole configuration of all added and improved elements of design and banknote security.

ALB 500 R CMJN 300 copy

ALB 500 V CMJN 300 copy

By launching these two banknotes, the Bank of Albania completes the new banknote series put into circulation, which consists of six denominations: 200 Lekë, 500 Lekë, 1000 Lekë, 2000 Lekë, 5000 Lekë and 10000 Lekë. The new banknotes will be used as means of payment, alongside the existing banknotes of all denominations.

Albania-2000-front-1200dpi copy

Albania-2000-back-1200dpi copy

The Bank of Albania encourages the users to handle each banknote with due care, in order to preserve their durability, quality and integrity.

At the same time, the Bank of Albania recalls that our currency is neither old nor new, but simply Lek! The value of lek is the one written on the banknote, and that's how it should be read. 

Details on 500 Lek and 2000 Lek (will be put on posters and flyers) ( albanian version)