100 LEKE, issued 1996.

al100fannoli xxx 4829
Size 130 mm x 66 mm
Letter high quality security cotton paper 
Dominant color Hyacinth
Date first issued 11.07.1997
Front side The portrait of Fan S. Noli (1882-1965), politician, writer, and one of the most popular figures of the National Movement. There is also a blazing torch. 
Back side The building of the first Albanian Parliament (now the building of the Academy of Sciences), the logo of the Albanian Federation "Vatra” and the logo of the newspaper "Dielli" run by Fan. S. Noli .   



Banknote expiry date:

  • Date ceased to be legal tender: 31December 2008.
  • As of 1January 2009 it may no longer be used as a means of payment.
  • It can be collected and exchanged at 100 % of its face value, at the banking system windows. 
  • Collection term expires on 31 December 31 2023.