NPSC Participants

The participants in the National Payment System Committee are representatives of these institutions:

  •     Bank of Albania
  •     Ministry of Internal Affairs
  •     Ministry of Finance
  •     Financial Supervision Authority
  •     Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Entrepreneurship
  •     Ministry of Innovation and Public Administration
  •     Albanian Association of Banks

Depending on the agenda items, other stakeholders in the payment system and financial market infrastructure may participate in the NPSC meetings as observers without the right to vote:

  •     Operators of important components in the Payment System,
  •     Competition Authority,
  •     Non-bank financial institutions,
  •     Utility companies.

The procedures for participating in the NPSC are set out in the Regulation No 37, dated 25.06.2014 "On the organization and functioning of the National Payment System Committee" approved from the Supervisory Council of the Bank of Albania.

For issues related to the NPSC, please write to:;

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