9th International Conference "Building the future through financial literacy"

Publication date: 09.09.2011


On 15 September 2011, the Bank of Albania will host its 9th International Conference on 'Building the Future through Financial Literacy', at the premises of 'Sheraton' Hotel. This conference is organized in cooperation with the Bank of Italy, in the framework of a twinning project between the two central banks.

This subject, which will be addressed by senior central bank representatives and prominent academia in the field of economics and finance, has recently stirred worldwide interest. Improving citizens' financial literacy is synonymous to increasing their economic activity responsibility, which leads to increased overall economic welfare.

Rapid economic developments have emphasised the need for a coordinated approach by state institutions on financial education in Albania. Such economic developments should be accompanied by enhanced financial literacy and responsibility, which would contribute to keeping the achieved standards and sustaining the country's economic growth.

This conference is another important step of the Bank of Albania in its long financial education journey to equip the Albanian citizens with financial knowledge and skills to build their future.

Following a long tradition, the announcement of the winners of the 'Governor's prize for the best diploma' is another item in the Bank of Albania's annual conference agenda.