Governor Sejko attends the "Hong Kong - Albania Trade & Investment" Forum

Publication date: 29.10.2015


On 27-28 October 2015, Governor Sejko attended the 'Hong Kong - Albania Trade and Investments' Forum. The forum aimed at boosting the interest of investors and promoting Albania's resources and opportunities to potential investors from Hong Kong and China. Albania was represented in this Forum by a high-level delegation headed by the Prime Minister of Albania, H.E.  Edi Rama. Other members of the delegation included the Governor of the Bank of Albania, members of the government, the chair of the Albanian Association of Banks and representatives from business community.

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In this Forum, Governor Sejko provided an overview of Albania's macroeconomic situation. He pointed out that against the unfavourable international developments Albania has recorded positive economic growth rates. The combination of the accommodative monetary policy with the consolidated fiscal policies has contributed to the stability of macroeconomic balances in Albania. 

Financial sector in Albania, and the reforms undertaken to increase financial intermediation in economy, was another dimension addressed by Governor Sejko. In the last years, Albania financial system has been stable, where banking system has been a powerful promoter, sustaining the economy and businesses towards growth and development. This sector is characterised by a sound financial situation, with optimum capitalisation and liquidity parameters. It is capable to fulfil market and business demand for funds and financial support, including all foreign investors' initiatives. 

Concluding, the Governor emphasised that a range of geo-strategic advantages, such as geographical location, position between the eastern and western markets, natural resources, and labour market, combined with a solid financial system, provide fundamental premises for an optimistic perspective regarding the economic and financial cooperation between two countries in the future.