Governor Sejko attends the ceremony for the centennial of the declaration of the Autonomous Province of Korça

Publication date: 10.12.2016


In the framework of the events for 100th Anniversary of the Declaration of the 'Autonomous Province of Korça' organized by the Region of Korça, the Bank of Albania organized a special exposition at the National Museum of Education in Korça.

Year 2016 marks the centennial of the 'Autonomous Province of Korca', declared on 10 December 1916, which, though short lived, was a positive factor in sustaining the formal independence of the Albanian state and its restoration. The Albanian language, the national flag and the self-governance were the three main pillars of the activity of the patriots of Korça.

This event is also reflected in the banknote collection from the Region of Korça, which the Museum of the Bank of Albania exhibited in the National Museum of Education in Korça, attended by the Governor of the Bank of Albania, Mr Gent Sejko.

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The Bank of Albania aims, through this activity, to divulge the historical and cultural values of the Albanian banknotes issued over the years.

The exhibition presented the entire collection of regional banknotes issued by the Autonomous Province of Korça in the years 1917 and 1918, with graphic and photographic illustrations, which present the historical, economic and numismatic context of that time.

In addition to the banknotes, the visitors were introduced to various educational resources by the Bank of Albania, such as brochures, informative panels, etc.

Three numismatic and philatelic collectors, members of the Association of Albanian Collectors, were also invited, enriching the exhibition of the Bank of Albania with their collections, like stamps of the Autonomous Province, banknotes and original postcards of the years 1916-1920.

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The exhibition of the Bank of Albania was visited by the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Albania, Mr Niko Peleshi; Korça Region Chair Ms Ana Verushi and Korça Mayor Mr Sotiraq Filo, accompanied by Governor Sejko. Moreover, the visiting public were able to learn about the historical context of the formation of the Autonomous Province of Korça, the general economic situation, according to the documents of the time and the frang of the Autonomous Province.

At the invitation of the organizers, Governor Sejko attended an official ceremony held in tribute to the patriot Themistokli Gërmenji and laid a floral tribute at his monument.

Governor Sejko donated the series of commemorative coins dedicated to the Congress of Manastir to the organizers of this important event.

He was also present at the solemn ceremony organized on the occasion of this anniversary, where he gave the commemorative medal "Honour of the Region" to the descendants of Mr Qani Dishnica.

The Bank of Albania would like to thank the National Museum of Education in Korça, the numismatics and philatelic collectors and all those who supported and helped in organizing the exhibition.