Governor’s greeting speech at the OTP bank's event celebrating the 5th anniversary of its presence in Albania

Publication date: 27.03.2024


Dear participants...

It is a great pleasure for me to be here among the directors and colleagues of OTP bank as it celebrates its 5th anniversary of operating in Albania. Allow me to congratulate you for persevering in this long, challenging, albeit successful journey since the bank's foundation 20 years ago.  

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In 2019, OTP group realized its long-standing interest of becoming part of the Albanian market, at a time when other European banks did not show the same interest in this market. Following an integrative and open-mined philosophy, they utilised the human capital inherited by other preceding banks to its maximum capacity.

Although the 2019-2021 period did not offer ideal conditions to do business, particularly for a new player entering the market, OTP’s consistent vision and continuous support by a consolidated banking group, enabled it to overcome the challenges it faced in an excellent manner. These obstacles did not subdue its declared ambition to become one of the main players in the Albanian market.  

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This ambition was realised in 2022, as they acquired Alpha Bank, which positioned OTP among the five systemically-important banks in Albania. 

Being a systemic bank, OTP continues to fulfil its role in a responsible manner, in supporting businesses and households for meeting their needs for banking and financial services. OTP ranks third for holding the largest size of credit portfolio, whereas its network of branches and agencies extends throughout the entire country. 

During its 5 years of operating as OTP, the loan portfolios and deposits have doubled, reflecting the public’s confidence and its serious approach in conducting business with its clients. The sizeable investments made on its new headquarter building indicates its sustainable and long-term vision for the continuation of its activity in Albania.     

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I am confident that OTP bank will continue to contribute in supporting the initiatives of the Bank of Albania, the country’s economic growth and will become a “bridge” for the contemporary European investments and experiences. I congratulate you and wish you further success in your work!